Everything is running on code


Can that code be hacked?

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Secure software development with the Nucleaus™ code scanning platform

The world is turning to code. Your car, your house, and your business are all running on code. Can that code be hacked?


Yes: 48% of code is never scanned. With 111 billion lines of code written every year there is a massive gap in security because the remaining code is scanned infrequently and has significant issues. We see the results every day in the news. In 2019, the companies hacked include social networking WhatsApp to investment group BlackRock. A hacker just added malicious code to steal bitcoin, effecting 2,000,000 users, using a popular open source library.


Nucleaus™ is a true SaaS platform that is up and running in three steps and 30 minutes. Nucleaus is making code scanning available to everyone, ZERO barriers to entry and results on any device (mobile first). This solution that has all 4 imperatives:


  • Intuitive to use
  • Approachable from Dev team to CEO
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Producing simple, complete & actionable results