Are you ready to take the #nucleauschallenge and see if you or your team can answer these simple seven questions about your #codesecurity?


As the World turns to code, the threat landscape increases and cyber security management becomes more complex. Code is created and distributed amongst different teams within the organization and key elements that indicate the health of code is not easily identified. Developers, CISOs, security committees, executives and boards of directors are struggling to come up with meaningful information to better control the organizations cyber security posture. Currently, there are too many platforms and tools that just add to the noise and prevent the achievement of business goals. Often, organizations resort to consultants who are tasked to produce special sets of information that drive the remediation process.

Dev Teams:

  • Which repository has the most risk?
  • How are vulnerabilities prioritized?


  • How many total critical, high, medium and low vulnerabilities do we have?
  • Are the vulnerabilities trending up or down?
  • Are all of our repositories scanned for code and project dependency vulnerabilities?


  • Do those vulnerabilities pose a risk to our brand and customers?
  • Are we testing third party vendors for resilience to code vulnerabilities?

With Nucleaus, you can address the most popular attack vector which in turn translates into the most expensive attack vector.