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Ask any CxO about SAST Procurement Operations and sourcing of software, and they will tell you the only two things Procurement cares about is buying the cheapest product and getting that product for less. Any Procurement professional will tell you they wish it were that easy. Rapid innovation in technology has made the contracting for software much more complex. From home-grown to open source to cloud to SaaS, precious little time is spent on price, and more effort is being placed on uptimes, indemnifications, confidentiality, limitations of liability and other such risk mitigating factors, because should any issues arise, the question that always comes back to the Procurement team is “How could you let that happen, how could you have not protected us from that?”

Test third party vendors for resilience to code vulnerabilities

Software vulnerabilities are on the rise, as well as the number of people who seek to exploit those vulnerabilities. Procurement can’t contract with those nefarious third-parties to stay away, so they must

provide the risk mitigations with their software providers to be certain their products are as resilient to those vulnerabilities as possible. Not just at contracting time, but continually through the software’s lifecycle.

As such, every sourcing RF(x) and license agreement should require the supplier to provide continual scanning and remediation of potential software vulnerabilities. Hackers are using more sophisticated tools every day, and there are just as sophisticated tools available now to prevent a hacker’s success. You now receive notifications of every email, text message, and every mention on social media. Don’t you think it is as important for your software’s developers to get notifications of vulnerabilities for the software you are using and paying them for so they can patch it as quickly as possible?

Reduce Cyber Risk From The Supply Chain

With Nucleaus as your SAST partner, it is simple to mitigate the organizations risk. Simply sign up for our procurement service and your vendors can either email us their code or connect their repositories to your Nucleaus console. See real-time code vulnerabilities and understand your security posture.

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