Code Scanning Poem

Feb. 4, 2019
written by nucleaus
The Nucleaus team isn't just creative at writing code, we can write poems too! Last week, we challenged our team to a poem-hackathon where we asked them to come up with a poem about code scanning. The winner of that challenged received a gift card :) 
Nucleaus™ scans all the code 
Searching for vulnerabilities
Yes, it finds all those
It looks at each and every line
saving developer’s time
and not wasting all of your dimes
We support GitHub pearl 
and JavaScript repositories              
With Nucleaus™ your code will shine with all the glory
No breaches for you and no hacks for your system
just do our 3 simple steps and 
Security problems? you won’t miss em’
Security shouldn’t cost you all your money 
Nor should it take too long to do
When it should be as simple as tying your shoe
It doesn’t take a genius 
Or a professional code developer
Just thirty short minutes even on your cellular