Every Nucleaus Product Offers Immediate Time-To-Value

The Nucleaus Code Intelligence Platform (NCIP) disrupts the traditional static and dynamic code analysis market. With the ability to continuously and persistently scan code, Nucleaus helps organizations mitigate and manage code risk each day. With over 20,000 new code weaknesses and vulnerabilities each year, its critical organizations become vigilant (i.e., make themselves a difficult target to breach)

The NCIP provides a single scanning engine to analyze all code used by an organization including in-house developed code, open source code and third- party applications. By scanning all code used, both an inside out and outside in analysis can be performed. The NCIP has the ability to scan billions of lines of code each day. The platform automatically populates 7 executive dashboards that provide insights and actionable information from multiple risk views:

  • Risk Velocity
  • Inventory
  • SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) *
  • TAE (Triangulation Awareness Engine) *
  • Licensing *
  • CSD (Can I?, Should I? Did I?) *
  • Risk Watch *

The platform provides full visibility into application security risks across an organization and is an essential component for any Enterprise Risk Management program. Much like the general ledger provides the single source of truth for a company’s financial performance, the NCIP is the single source of truth for code risk. Leaders across an enterprise can use the NCIP results:

  • Supply chain managers can monitor and manage risk of 3rd Party apps
  • Compliance officers can track and assess compliance to NIST’s Cyber Security Framework
  • CISOs can assess, prioritize and take action on the most critical code risks
  • Developers can quickly and easily remediate code risks
  • Leaders can monitor and manage software vendors
  • Auditors can assess overall code risk and recommend process improvements

The NCIP can be set up and scanning in three steps and less than 30 minutes. Once all repositories are loaded the scanning results will populate each dashboard daily and allow and organization to become vigilant in its pursuit to protect the company.

* under development

Developer, Enterprise Core and Enterprise Product Offerings

Nucleaus Core

Ideal for developers and development teams. Offering continuous daily scanning, remediation guidance, 10x noise reduction, CICD and API.


Improve vendor selection criteria and develop supplier baselines. Available as a post development process thereby Developers support not required with daily Risk velocity.

Managed Services

Develop security standards for suppliers and enforce them. Manage the risk velocity across multiple clients in a single pane of view. Actionable data with alerting.


Designed for Auditors and Attorneys. Ideal for due diligence and information about cyber risk strategies, processes and practices.

3rd Party Risk Management

Visibility into Software Supply Chain with SBOM’s, Licensing, Risk Velocity profiles and SLA management.

Performance and Analytics

Customized for Cyber Insurance Organization and Risk Manager concerned with Insurance Coverage