We are hiring like-minded individuals to join the Nucleaus™ Team.

We want to make sure that everyone, from Fortune 1 to SMB's can protect themselves against Cyber threats. Our litmus test for our product and for our people is that we find innovative solutions that are approachable, affordable and actionable to solve the Worlds cyber security challenges. It's what we do, why we do it and how we evaluate it. 

Our Culture:

Started with a vision to secure the world

Created on a kitchen table with a $140 device

Designed to be as simple as running Spell Check

Developed lean with zero financial debt

Productionized to be affordable for everyone to use

Secure & Scalable: running on Serverless for Security and infinite scale

Sustainable with smart people, great design and efficient Architecture

If you are looking for the opportunity to grow your career in meaningful ways, please reach out.