Nucleaus™ integrates with most Git-enabled and Azure DevOps version control code repositories

The Nucleaus application code scanning platform supports integration with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and any other Git-enabled externally facing code repository. Furthermore, Nucleaus now supports Azure Devops TFS integrations. Empower your developers to address risks in the early stages of the development and drive action to expedite the remediation process before vulnerabilities surface in your production environment.


CICD Integration

Nucleaus offers both a command line interface (CLI) and an API that can be used to interact with Nucleaus in a automated/programmatic way. Either of these methods can be used to initiate the scan of a repository, check the status of and retrieve the results of a scan.

The recommend approach is to use the Nucleaus CLI which is distributed as a nodejs package on npm. The CLI simplifies integrations as it handles authentication, output, error handling, etc.

Behind the Firewall

With Behind the Firewall, You will host a virtual black-box appliance in their environment. The virtual appliance will pull code from the Git Repository, scan it and send just the meta data to the Nucleaus console. The code stays behind the firewall in the client environment.

The advantage to doing a Behind the Firewall is that all the source and the scan itself is maintained within your infrastructure and nothing is copied outside the system. Only the results of the scan are sent to the console. The benefits of scanning with Behind the Firewall are:

  • More flexibility with how long a scan can take to complete
  • More flexibility with the resources that can be associated to the scan (assuming you have the capacity, to provide to the BTF appliance)

Behind the Firewall offering is only available for Enterprise Accounts.

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