Every aspect of our lives involves computers and the code that runs them so what does Democratizing application code scanning mean, why is it important, and what does it have to do with beer? Before we jump into the beer conversation, let’s discuss application security and the need to simplify the entire process for application code scanning.

We developed Nucleaus® around simplicity. Code runs our lives in every aspect and to what degree can be debated, however all experts agree we are built on a code driven world. Since Nucleaus’™ inception, we envisioned a synergy between the developer and the engineering workflow processes for actioning data while making it consumable for the highest levels of C-Suite leadership to understand the risk appetite of the organization. We think that simplicity enables approachability thus making the technology not scary and over complicated.

Nucleaus® provides a static code analysis tool with the ability to identify vulnerabilities in the early stages of code development for less than what it costs for a dinner at a Michelin restaurant. In short, Nucleaus™ is Democratizing application code scanning. The goal is to enable every developer to scan their code and make the world more secure – one scan at a time.

So was the tagline to “Hold my Beer and Scan this” just a bait-and-switch tactic to discuss Nucleaus?™ Sorta…But really, Nucleaus™ is very efficient and can actually run on a smart fridge. With our tagline, we wanted to show the power of our platform and its affordability when compared to our competitive landscape.

Aside from the humor, we want to spread the word about Nucleaus®. We are focused on disarming the excuses for not scanning code in the early stages of development and arming developers, engineer and all the way up to C-Suites with reasons to continuously scan and improve the application security posture of their enterprises – while drinking a cold beer from a smart fridge.