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Nucleaus Suite

Nucleaus Core has made code scanning as easy as running a spell check. It enables everyone from technical to executive teams to gain visibility into code risk. Up and running in 3 steps and 30 minutes, whether one repository or thousands.

Nucleaus Vue enables simple monitoring for both, technical and non-technical teams such as product, procurement, audit, legal, insurance, and M&A teams to understand risks, KPIs and terms and conditions metrics in software and code.

Nucleaus Dash is a set of simple dashboards that unify multiple data points and sources across your enterprise to deliver a central point of truth across all of your KPI’s. From noise to data-driven outcomes, it normalizes security data

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Why Nucleaus Core

As the World goes through the Digital Transformation, your city, car, house, bank, business and hospital are all susceptible to being hacked. Nucleaus enables companies of all sizes to continuously monitor code repositories and reports back code vulnerabilities and project dependencies within the early stages of the development cycle. Whether you’re a single developer or collaborating with a team, our platform is up and running in 3 steps and 30 minutes. With the Nucleaus platform, continuously monitor and validate all your code and dependencies while detecting threats in the early stages of the development cycle.