Nucleaus™ API and Integrations Service

Chromaten is API-as-a-product platflorm that is fluid and plays well in most sandboxes. All components that are connected to the API are modular, exist on their own and communicate via the API.  Chromaten is designed to enable the organizations to scale the app by simply plugging in services as needed when needed instead of having to modify the app itself.

As part of our efforts to provide the most comprehensive Security and Vulnerability Application Code Scanning, the Nucleaus™ team is developing an extension to our core platform by providing a sister product called Chromaten. With Chromaten you will be able to get all the great features of Nucleaus through a robust web API platform allowing more control and deeper access to CxO to Dev activities. Chromaten makes it frictionless to integrate in your pipeline process and provide back verbose results in a richer fashion than what is presented in the scanner console. Chromaten makes possible the use case of wiring the Nucleaus code scanner as part of you CI/CD processes creating efficiencies to catch vulnerabilities at the time of check in with the abilities afford by your CI/CD automation and alerting.

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