Application Security Risk Management Platform

As the World turns to code, our economy becomes digital and the race is on to compete and innovate. The developers are measured in speed versus security and the cost of vulnerability-free code is too great for most organizations. As a result, the same vulnerabilities appear year in and year out in frameworks and code bases.  To help with the mindset shift on code security, the Nucleaus™ platform eliminates the excessive noise and simplifies the data outputs to deliver actionable data in a clear and consumable format. Nucleaus enbables CxO's, Board of Directors, Security Committees, Analysts and Developers to make meaningful decisions and steer the application security towards defined goals while minimizing the risk for your organization.

Solving the World's Cyber Security Challenges

Our litmus test for our product and our people is that we find innovative solutions that are approachable, affordable and actionable to solve the World's cyber security challenges. It's what we do, why we do it and how we operate.

100 Million software repositories are growing at a rate of 50% per year. By 2022, the number will exceed 300 million repositories. This touches everyone!

We want to make sure that everyone, from Fortune 1 to SMB's can protect themselves against Cyber threats. With Nucleaus™, there are no barriers to entry, skills, cost or technology need to scan your code. Anyone, on any device, can understand the risk and how to remediate.

Making a Difference in our Community

Our culture and our identity revolves around the notion that we are a Family and a Company. We encourage our team members to get involved and make a difference in the community. We delegate an entire week of PTO to volunteer with a local initiative and Nucleaus™ will host an annual volunteer day for a worthy cause. In addition, we give back through school partnership programs to certify students on the Nucleaus™ platform to provide new skills and create awareness around AppSec.

Securing the World - One Repo at a Time

The company is founded by previous operators of fortune 500 companies to address a market that has not evolved in nearly a decade. Only 1.4% of software repositories are consistently scanned which means relatively no one continuously scanning for new code vulnerabilities. This means that most business are introducing risk into their code and their suppliers (supply chain) putting them at risk. The Nucleaus™ team has built a disruptive technology platform, that is simple, approachable, affordable and actionable.

Nucleaus Careers
We are hiring like-minded individuals
Our Culture is Outcome Driven

Started with a vision to Secure The World

Created on a kitchen table with a $140 device

Designed to be as simple as running Spell Check

Developed lean with zero financial debt

Productionized to be affordable for everyone to use

Secure & Scalable: running on Serverless for Security and Infinite scale

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