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Nucleaus Platform Extends Value Across The Enterprise

As the landscape of threats increases, CISOs, security committees, executives and boards of directors are demanding meaningful information for decision-making. Cyber security stakeholders face significant challenges identifying, obtaining, processing and aggregating key information that enables them to steer towards defined targets effectively, and ultimately be in better control of their organization’s cyber security. Nucleaus reduces software supply chain risk with data and insight available across all Nucleaus Products.

Nucleaus Core

Ideal for developers and development teams. Offering continuous daily scanning, remediation guidance, 10x noise reduction, CICD and API.

Compliance & Code Security

Improve vendor selection criteria and develop supplier baselines. Available as a post development process thereby Developers support not required with daily Risk velocity.

Managed Services

Develop security standards for suppliers and enforce them. Manage the risk velocity across multiple clients in a single pane of view. Actionable data with alerting.

3rd Party Risk Management

Visibility into Software Supply Chain with SBOM’s, Licensing, Risk Velocity profiles and SLA management.


Designed for Auditors and Attorneys. Ideal for due diligence and information about cyber risk strategies, processes and practices.

Performance and Analytics

Customized for Cyber Insurance Organization and Risk Manager concerned with Insurance Coverage

Nucleaus connecting the dots

Continuous visibility into your risk velocity and visibility of third-party vendors

Nucleaus makes invisible risk visible and actionable by continuously and persistently scanning code at an affordable level for any company with an easy to consume executive dashboard. Nucleaus delivers value to clients faster than competition due to a highly streamlined start up process within minutes as opposed to weeks or months. Nucleaus reduces noise and simplifies the remediation process. It consolidate tickets to fix code issues one time across the entire code based patented process as opposed to multiple individual tickets

Nucleaus helps identify vulnerabilities and dependencies in your code repositories and enables developers to address them before they are pushed to production.

Connecting the Dots with Performance, Analytics and Actionable Data

Nucleaus eliminates the excessive noise and simplifies the data outputs to deliver continuous actionable data in a clear and consumable format. Teams are enabled to discover and identify hundreds of known code vulnerabilities and dependencies in the early stages of the development process, and alert on vulnerabilities over time with a single-pane-of-glass.

The platform operates autonomously, scanning repos and delivering results. Scan one repository or 1,000’s of repositories automatically everyday with no human intervention.

With Nucleaus, we removed all the barriers and there is no learning curve while seamlessly integrating into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Nucleaus ready set scan

Digital Transformation with Nucleaus

As the World goes through the Digital Transformation, your city, car, house, bank, business and hospital are all susceptible to being hacked. Nucleaus enables companies of all sizes to continuously monitor code repositories and reports back code vulnerabilities and project dependencies within the early stages of the development cycle. Whether you’re a single developer or collaborating with a team, our platform is up and running in 3 steps and 30 minutes. With the Nucleaus platform, continuously monitor and validate all your code and dependencies while detecting threats in the early stages of the development cycle.

Customers Who Trust Us:

On The Go Code Monitoring and Risk Management

Monitor your Application Security data and scan your code at your convenience from anywhere. Simply download the app to your device and manage your repos, create manual scans and download reports.

Nucleaus is available on Apple App Store and Google Play